They are a group of people born for the water. Water is their racing track. They have won so many gold medals for China. They have won the highest glory numerous times. And they have a lot of fans. They are the Chinese Swimming Legion!

On October 26, at the picturesque Qiandao Lake Tea Garden Base, we formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese Swimming Association. Nongfu Spring has become the official partner of the Chinese Swimming Association. Natural water and scream have become the official drinking water and functional drinks of the national diving team, swimming team and Synchronized swimming team.

The theme of the signing ceremony was “From water comes the resources to win the Tokyo Olympics.”

Han Qiaosheng, a well-known commentator who has been a friend to Nongfu Spring for many years, presided over the signing ceremony. Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, Huang Haifeng, secretary of the CPC Chun’an County Party Committee, and Zhong Xiaoxiao, vice president of Nongfushanquan, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Representatives of the athletes Shi Tingmao,Wang Shun, Ye Shiwen, and Xu Jiayu also attended the ceremony.

On the 25th, the night before the signing ceremony, Nongfu Spring held a dinner on the shore of Qiandao Lake, and warmly welcomed the leaders of the Chinese Swimming Association and the athletes of the diving team, swimming team and the Synchronized swimming team. In a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, the guests reviewed the history of friendship between Nongfu Spring and Chinese sports.

Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, led the athletes to perform a hand-model ceremony. Ms. Zhong Xiaoxiao, Vice President of Nongfu Springs, made a toast and expressed her sincere blessings and heartfelt wishes to the swimmers.

Athlete Wang Shun, who has just won gold and silver at the Wuhan World Soldier Games venue, recited the poem “I’m proud of being Chinese”.Subsequently, the women of the beautiful National Flower Tour Team danced and pushed the mood of the banquet to its peak. At the end of the banquet, all the participants sang a song “I and My Motherland”, bringing a perfect end to the evening’s agenda.

In the afternoon of the 26th, the leaders of the Chinese Swimming Association and the athletes of the diving team, swimming team and flower swimming team came to the tea factory of Qiandao Lake in Nongfu Mountain. World swimming champion Wang Shun live broadcast his visit to the factory.

After that, the signing ceremony officially started. Huang Haifeng, secretary of the Chun’an County Party Committee, Zhong Xiaoxiao, a farmer, and Ms. Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, delivered speeches.

 There was also a decorated Nongfu Spring Freight Train at the ceremony site, with the bold words “Decisive victory at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics”.

Nongfu Spring, the Chinese Swimming Association, and the athlete representatives jointly pushed the putter to launch the train. With a melodious whistle, the train gradually sped away, symbolizing the future success of the cooperation between the two parties.

Subsequently, nine representatives from Nongfu Spring’s water sources at Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang, Changbai Mountain in Jilin, Danjiangkou in Hubei, Manas in Xinjiang, Wuling Mountain in Hebei, Wuling Mountain in Guizhou, Wanlu Lake in Guangdong, Emei Mountain in Sichuan, and Mohe in Heilongjiang performed a moving ceremony. A bottle of water corresponding to each source of water is slowly poured into the Nongfu Spring Energy Bottle, which represents the power to collect water for the Chinese Legion, empower it, and to embody the beautiful expectation that Chinese athletes will win at the Olympic Games in 2020.

To complete the ceremony, Chinese swimmers boarded a yacht symbolizing the voyage to victory, and everyone at the scene watched them leave and silently sent blessings in their hearts.

The entire press conference was broadcast live on the official Weibo of Nongfu Spring and gained over 220,000 views.

It is worth mentioning that, at around 9 am tomorrow (October 27), the athletes of the Chinese swimming team will broadcast a live event for everyone in China. Please pay attention to the Weibo news of Nongfu Spring for the Olympic champions. Everyone should visit the Nongfu Spring Headquarters.

Nongfu Spring and the Success of Chinese Sports

This signing is another iconic event for Nongfu Spring and its two-decade relationship with Chinese sports. In fact, Nongfu Spring has been paying attention to the popularization and development of China’s sports industry and has always used its own unique strengths to help Chinese sports.

This is closely related to the corporate values of Nongfu Spring. Since it began in 1996, Nongfu Spring has established “natural and healthy” as its core product concept, and sports are undoubtedly the best promoter of “health” values. Therefore, Nongfu Spring will always be around when Chinese sports succeed.

This video introduces the journey of Nongfu Spring and China Sports and the development of their mutually beneficial relationship.

At the 1998 World Cup in France, Nongfu Spring featured in television advertisements. Its ‘somewhat sweet’ slogan resonated with hundreds of millions of viewers and spread all over the country. It has also transformed Nongfu Spring from a regional brand into a household name.

In 1999 the Chinese Table Tennis Association and the Chinese National Table Tennis Team chose Nongfu Spring as the partner of the table tennis “Dream Team”. For the next four years, Nongfu Spring has accompanied the Chinese table tennis team at various international competitions.

In 2000, the Sydney Olympics were held. Chinese athletes traveled to fight for the honor of the motherland. 

In addition, Nongfu Spring organized a private Olympic bid in Sydney. Ten thousand Chinese and international friends signed their names for China’s bid for the Olympic Games, including Kong Linghui, Liu Guoliang and other Olympic champions.

From 2002 to 2008, Nongfu Spring’s “Sunshine Project” donated sports equipment worth more than RMB 5 million to 395 schools in 24 provinces, 329 cities and counties nationwide to support the construction of basic sports facilities and the development of basic sports resources

In recent years, the cooperative relationship between Nongfu Spring and Chinese Sports has strengthened. From 2015 to 2016, Nongfu Spring provided assistance stage the Wuhan Open.

Since 2016, Nongfu Spring has become the official designated water for the Chinese men’s basketball team. From the Rio Olympics to the unprecedented red and blue national team strategy, it has supported the men’s basketball team to return China to the top of Asia.

On the eve of the 2019 Basketball World Cup, Nongfu Spring collected 201,900 fan photos and stitched them into huge cheering posters as a great gift before the team’s departure. The gift provided a bridge for fans and teams to communicate, but it also really helped the team!

From 2017 to 2019, Nongfu Spring became the official partner of the first IP “Run China” of the Chinese Marathon for three consecutive years. 

In March 2019, Nongfu Spring ushered in another milestone in the history of its support of sports by sponsoring the FINA Gwangju World Championships in July 2019. Nongfu Spring once again demonstrated its international credentials by becoming the designated water for the top world swimming event and was the only Chinese brand in the entire arena.

In the 21 days during the Gwangju event, our team filled the Nongfu Spring bottles on and off the court and organized Chinese on the scene to cheer for the Chinese team. Eventually, the Chinese team topped the US on the medal list. Nongfu Spring also made its presence known throughout the tournament International sports arena.

Therefore, the signing with the Chinese Swimming Association is the continuation and pinnacle of the friendship between Nongfu Spring and Chinese swimming sports.

In the future, Nongfu Spring will also accompany the Chinese Swimming Association to help continue the popularization of water sports in China and continue to support the performances of the Chinese swimming team on the world stage.

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